Back to stay

by Milagros Mumenthaler - Fiction, 98', 2011, 35mm /DCP, color

Buenos Aires at the end of summer. Marina, Sofia and Violeta are alone in the family home after their grandmother, who had brought them up, has died. They have to come to terms with her death, each in her own way. Marina concentrates on her studies while looking after the household, whereas Sofia becomes obsessed by her appearance and goes out with friends. As for Violeta, she wanders around between bedroom and sitting room where, from time to time, she receives an older man. Discord, laughter, meanness, gestures of affection determine the rhythm of this period of uncertainty, until one day in autumn Violeta disappears without warning.


María Canale
Martina Juncadella
Ailín Salas
Julián Tello


Script and direction: Milagros Mumenthaler
Producers: Violeta Bava - David Epiney - Rosa Martínez Rivero - Eugenia Mumenthaler
Cinematography: Martín Frías
Camera: Gabriel Sandru
Art director: Sebastián Orgambide
Sound: Henrik Maikoff


Hubert Bals Fund / Desarrollo de Guión 2006 y Hubert Buls Plus 2009
Fundación Rolex
Fundación TYPA / XII Taller de proyectos cinematográficos
Cinéfondation del Festival de Cannes 2007
Hubert Bals Fund/ Post Producción 2010


Pardo D´Oro a la Mejor película del Festival de Locarno.
Pardo a la Mejor actriz (María Canale) del Festival de Locarno.
Astor de Oro a la Mejor película del Festival de Mar del Plata.
Astor de Plata a Mejor dirección del Festival de Mar del Plata.
Premio FIPRESCI Mejor película, Festival de Locarno.
Segundo Coral Opera Prima, Festival de La Habana,
Mención especial del Jurado, Festival de Valdivia.
Mención del Jurado de la Juventud, Festival de Locarno.
Mención del Jurado Ecuménico, Festival de Locarno.
Mejor película argentina 2012, Premio Fipresci Filial Argentina


Festival de Locarno,2011 Competencia Internacional.
Toronto Film Festival, 2011.
Festival de San Sebastián, 2011 Horizontes Latinos.
Festival de Valdivia, 2011.
London Film Festival, 2011.
Viennale, 2011.
Festival de Mar del Plata, 2011. Competencia Internacional.
Festival de La Habana, 2011. Competencia de Operas primas.

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