The sound of the stars dazes me

by Eduardo Williams - Short film, 2012, 20 min, 35 mm, Color

As a boy looks for a cybercafé he is overwhelmed by wild waves. A group of boys lives together surrounded by lots of things, they work, walk, talk in very different places, but we are never quite sure where they are. An ant walks across hairs wishing that there were no more idols.


José Maldonado
Santiago Miranda
Jerónimo Quevedo
Martín Shanly
Nicolás Uccello


Written and directed by: Eduardo Williams
Photography: Manuel Bascoy y Eduardo Williams
Art and costume: Victoria Marotta, Soledad Haro
Sound: Alex del Río, Milton Rodríguez
Produced by: Ruda Cine, Alexan Sarikamichian, Universidad del Cine


Mención especial, IndieLisboa 2013


Rome Film Festival 2012
Ficunam 2013
IndieLisboa 2013

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