Roberto Bonomo

Argentine film director with an outstanding career in advertising film. Ruda Cine produced the documentary Trece años y medio (2004) and participated in the development stage of Miss (2016), Roberto's first film.

Leonardo Brzezicki

Argentine actor, screenwriter and director. His first feature film Night was part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2013. His short film The mad half hour premiered at Berlinale Shorts Competition in 2015. Ruda Cine is producing his second feature film, Almost in Love in co-production with RT features, Vertigo Films, Keplerfilm and Quijote Films.

Andreas Fontana

Swiss director and screenwriter who lived temporarily in Argentina in the 2000s.
Azor is his first fiction feature film to which Ruda joined as a minority co-producer with producers Alina Film (Switzerland) and Local Films (France).

Martín Kalina

Argentine director founder of the production company Primo. During 2012 he wrote and directed his first short film Los Pálidos, which was produced by Ruda Cine and participated in the Pardi di domani section at the Locarno Festival. Primo. Durante el año 2012 escribió y dirigió su primer cortometraje Los Pálidos, participante de la sección Pardi di domani en el Festival de Locarno, el cual produjo junto a Ruda Cine.

Francisco Lezama

Francisco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After directing several well-known short films, he is developing his first film A romantic painter with Ruda Cine and Un Puma. A ROMANTIC PAINTER junto a Ruda Cine y Un Puma.

Milagros Mumenthaler

Screenwriter and director from Argentina. She participated in several film festivals with her short films. Her first feature film Back to stay co-produced by Ruda Cine and Alina Film won the Golden Leopard for best film at the Locarno International Film Festival 2011, Brown for best actress (María Canale) and FIPRESCI Best film. In 2016 she released her second feature film The Idea of a Lake, also produced by Ruda Cine and Alina Films which participated in the International Competition at Locarno Festival.

Gerardo Naumann

Gerardo is a theater director and author, film director and screenwriter. In 2015 he received the INCAA Brief Stories Award for Industrial Work (2015), produced by Ruda Cine.

Luciano Quilici

Luciano Quilici is a theater director formed with Alberto Ure besides advertising and film director. I love you all (2012) was his first film, produced by both Quilici and Ruda Cine.

Martín Rejtman

Writer, screenwriter, film director and reference for the New Argentine Cinema. He produced with Ruda Cine his last three feature films Copacabana (2006), Elementary Training for Actors (2009) and Two shots fired (2014). Copacabana (2006), ELEMENTARY TRAINING FOR ACTORS (2009) y Dos Disparos (2014).

Dominga Sotomayor

Chilean screenwriter and director born in 1985. Her previous works were recognized by international critics and won awards at various festivals, positioning Dominga as one of the leading directors in the region. Ruda Cine participated as co-producer in her second feature film Too Late to Die Young (2018) produced by Cinestación, RT Features (Brazil) and Circe films (Netherlands). With this film she received the Leopard for Best Direction at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2018, among other recognitions. Too late to die young (2018) producido por Cinestación, RT Features (Brasil) y Circe films (Holanda). Con este film, recibió el Leopardo a Mejor Dirección en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Locarno en 2018, entre otros reconocimientos.

Eduardo Williams

Eduardo Williams was born in Argentina in 1987. 
Ruda Cine produced his short film The noise of the stars dazes me (2012), and his first feature film The Human Surge(2016) together with Un Puma (Argentina), RT Features (Brazil) and Bando Apart (Portugal). Among many other awards, The Human Surge (2016) won the Golden Leopard Filmmakers of the present award at the Locarno International Festival as well as receiving the First Feature Special Mention at the same festival.

Nele Wohlatz

Nele Wohlatz was born in Hannover and studied Production Design at HfG Karlsruhe. She directed Ricardo Bär (2003) with Gerardo Naumann and The Perfect Future (2016). She is currently developing her latest feature film Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open? together with Ruda Cine. Do fish sleep with their eyes open?

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