Los pálidos

by Martín Kalina - Short film, 2013, 20 min, Digital, Color

A car is floating in the middle of a house's pool. Sofía, a young woman, manages to escape from the wreckage and sits silently on the edge. From one of the windows overlooking the pool, a witness is looking. Once in the hospital, Sofía has trouble remembering the accident.


Pilar Benítez Vibart
Elvira Onetto
Mario Aitel
Claudio Mattos


Written and directed by: Martín Kalina
Photography: Leandro Filloy
Art and costume: Sebastián Orgambide / Magdalena Arrieta
Sound: Diego Martínez
Produced by: Ruda Cine y Martín Kalina


Pardi di Domani, Festival de Locarno 2013.

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