I love you all

De Luciano Quilici, Argentina, 2012, largometraje, ficción, 78 min, digital, color.

A group of long-time friends reunite to spend a day out of town. The afternoon is taken by infinite conversations on nothingness, life and how the ideals of youth have been postponed until further notice. Political activism, passionate discussions on film and literature, have been replaced by get-togethers with costly wines, cynicism and temperate ideology. The story of six thirty-something friends who are already burdened by a certain disenchantment at themselves: the disillusion in realizing that the future has already arrived and we never became what we had intended to become.


Ramiro Agüero
Santiago Gobernori
Diego Jalfen
Valeria Lois
Leticia Mazur
Margarita Molfino


Written and directed by: Luciano Quilici
Cinematography: Arauco Hernández
Sound: Diego Martínez
Art director: Mauro D´Oporto
Music: Martín Bosa y Tomás Carnelli
Edition: Luciana Pets
Costume design: Paulina Pets y Greta Ure
Production Coordinator: C. M. Fernández
First assistant director: Filipe Francisquini


Work in progress, Festival de Mar del Plata 2011.
Competencia Argentina, Festival de Mar del Plata 2012.


Mejor Work in progress, Festival de Mar del Plata 2011.

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