by Federico León y Martín Rejtman - Argentina, 2009 52´/ Digibeta / Color

Sergio is a theater professor for children. Through his classes we get to learn something about himself and about his students. In this co-direction, León and Rejtman present the great Fabián Arenillas as an idiosyncratic acting teacher who teaches 8 to 12-year-olds. The result is hilarious, somehow educational and stunning.


Written and directed by: Federico León y Martín Rejtman
Executive Producer: Rosa Martinez Rivero
1st Assistant Director: Adrián Lakerman
Production Coordination: Julieta Squeri
Photography: Gustavo Nakamura
Edition: Martin Mainoli, Karina Flomenbaum
Sound post production: Catriel Vildosola


11º BAFICI, 2009
Los Angeles Film Festival, 2009
Zurich Film Festival, 2009
London Film Festival, 2009


Suplemento Radar - Página 12,
Página 12, 12 de septiembre de
Clarín, 29 de marzo de 2009
Clarín Espectáculos
Clarín, 18 de septiembre de 20
La Nación, 26 de septiembre de
London Film Festival

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