Founded by Violeta Bava and Rosa Martínez Rivero, Ruda Cine is a film producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dedicated to producing films, with a special interest in auteur cinema.

We have worked with some of the most outstanding directors in the region and have received numerous national and international recognitions.

Ruda Cine provides audiovisual production services nationally and internationally.
Wandering Heart

Wandering heart is Leonardo Brzezicki's second feature film filmed in December 2019 in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Currently, he is in postproduction of image and sound.


Filmed in Buenos Aires and Balcarce on November and December of 2019, Azor is the first feature film written and directed by Andreas Fontana protagonized by Fabrizio Rongione. It is an international co-production between Alina Films (Switzerland), Local Films (France) and Ruda Cine (Argentina).


Too late to die young

by Dominga Sotomayor - Feature film, 2018, 110 min, Digital, Color.

The idea of a lake

by Milagros Mumenthaler, 82', 2016, DCP, color

The human surge

by Eduardo Williams, Fiction, 97 min, super 16mm - 2k, 2016

Two shots fired

by Martín Rejtman - Fiction, 2014, 104, Digital, Color

Industrial work

by Gerardo Naumann - Short film, 2015, 12', Digital, Color

Los pálidos

By Martín Kalina - Short film, 2013, 20 min, Digital, Color

The sound of the stars dazes me

By Eduardo Williams - Short film, 2012, 20 min, 35 mm, Color

I love you all

By Luciano Quilici, Fiction, 2012, 78min, Digital, Color.

Back to stay

by Milagros Mumenthaler, Fiction, 98', 2011, 35mm /DCP, color


by Federico León and Martín Rejtman Argentina, 2009 52´/ Digibeta / Color


by Martín Rejtman Documentary - Argentina - 2007 - 54 min - HD

Trece años y medio

By Roberto Bonomo - Documentary, 2004, 18 min, 35 mm, Color

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